Double gene pullet to the left
double gened roo on the right

Showgirl Silkies

Showgirl silkies are regular silkies but have had the naked neck gene introduced. With the poofy top knot and black skin, they kind of remind you of a Las Vegas Show Girl.

In this photo is one of my double gened pullets. The double gened birds have no feathers at all on the neck where as the single gened bird has what is called a 'bow tie' or a patch of feathers on the front of the throat.

A double gened bird bred to another double gened bird will have all double gened offspring. A single gened bird bred to another single gene will have a small percentage of offspring that do not have the naked neck gene, most will be single gened with a small percentage being double gened.

To get them looking their best, they need to be bred back to full silkies now and again.

Single gene

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